Cynthia Merrill School Of Performing Arts


Semester Dates
Fall Semester 2002 – 18 Weeks (September 4 through January 25, 2003)
Spring Semester- 18 weeks (January 27 through June 7, 2003)
Summer Semester- 9 weeks (June 16 through August 16, 2003)
(Classes in the summer can be prorated for vacations)

Rates for Classes

ENROLLMENT FOR CLASSES is on a semester basis. There are some shorter workshops available.
CLASS RATES VARY from $7.00 and up depending on the length of the class or the length of the workshop.

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE of $25.00 is due once a year. (Other fees may apply depending on the type of class taken.)

TRIAL CLASSES may be taken at a single class rate.

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UNLIMITED WEEKLY CLASSES – take as many classes each day as you wish from Monday through Saturday. Your semester charge will be calculated at $65.00 per week times the number of weeks in the semester.







There are NO REFUNDS or CREDITS on any tuition paid, including tuition deposits. Tuition from one semester cannot be applied to the following semester, nor can tuition from one installment payment be applied to the next installment period. A drop request must be submitted in writing with two weeks notice for a semester class, and must be approved by management to become effective. If approved, the drop will become effective at the end of the month, and you will be charged for the entire month at the regular tuition rate plus a $10 drop processing fee.

Discount tuition of 5% applies to all students who register and make a payment on or before the discount tuition deadline. Discount tuition may be available to new students for special promotions. Family discounts and multiple class discounts of 5% are also available. See discount schedule below.

Trial classes will be charged at the single class rate.

There is an Annual Registration Fee of $25, which includes a free C.M. T-shirt.

Installment payment plans are available, using either electronic funds transfer or by keeping your credit card number on file. All registration fees must be included in the first payment. Tuition may be paid in four installments for our 18-week fall or spring semesters, or two installments for our 9-week summer semester. If tuition payments are late and not received by the 8th of the month, a late fee of $12 will be charged and the balance of tuition will immediately become due and payable.


There is a returned check, returned ETA or returned credit card fee of $25.