Cynthia Merrill School Of Performing Arts

Other Programs



Art Exploration (Children)
Children explore all mediums of art.

Painting and Drawing (10 to Teens)
Separate classes are offered in either painting or drawing with semester projects displayed in an art exhibit at the end of the semester.



Drama-Acting (6 to Teens)
Drama classes cover the basics of acting and stage movement, including improvisation, mime, and stage direction with emphasis on characterization, scene study, oral interpretation and performance. In addition to the acting technique classes, two plays are presented each semester, a children’s show and a teen/adult play. Auditions are held at the beginning of each term.

Drama-Acting (Adults)
The objective of this class is to introduce the students to the basics of theater acting. We cover everything Shakespeare. Along with doing theater games to strengthen concentration and reaction, each student will learn at least three contrasting monologues for audition purposes by the end of the session. We also practice duet and group work and touch on improvisation.

Creative Dramatics (3 to 6)
The small children’s creative pre-school drama program is improvisational and integrates a different theme from children’s literature each semester.

Musical Theater
The objective of this class is to have the students leave with a good understanding of all the different types and styles of Musical Theater. Each student will be assigned songs that are appropriate for him or her. Students learn to transition from a script into a song as well as learn to sing his or her song with another performer. Each child will pick a song to do for a parent showcase at the end of the session and be a part of a musical theater showcase. This is a program that gives students a well-rounded foundation of Musical Theater technique.

Musical Productions
Each semester a full length musical from the Broadway stage is produced. This is an additional way to develop acting and voice technique and have the fun of being in a production.



Private Piano Lessons (Children to Adults)
Beginning to advanced private piano lessons are available in which you will learn the fundamentals of music, the musical alphabet, music theory, and piano music appropriate to your level.

Private and group instruction is available to work on the skills and techniques of singing and voice development. We also rehearse presentations of vocal pieces for auditions. In this class, students develop the ability to memorize songs by ear, learn about pitch (high and low sounds), proper breathing and voice tone.

Singing for Children (3 to 9)
Special group classes are available in singing to spark the love of music and voice performance.



Foreign language classes are offered 12 months per year.

French, the language and culture of France, is taught in classes from young children (starting at age three) to professional adult.

Spanish Language
Spanish classes are not grammar intensive, instead they focus on gaining the ability to communicate. The classes are student centered so the needs of the student come first. The goal of the Spanish class is to make learning fun and create the desire to continue learning the language




Cynthia Merrill’s offers a recreational gym program where the focus is on building self- confidence through a sense of achievement in learning gynumstics. Our objectives include:
1. – safely learning the basics of tumbling and performing on the balance beam and other equipment with confidence and style.
2. – developing positive attitudes towards physical activity while developing social skills,
3. – learning to follow directions and adjusting to a class situation and
4. – developing awareness of the body’s parts, functions and capacities.

Gymnastics (3 years to Teens)
All students from beginning to advanced work with a variety of gymnastics skills and movement combinations. Using a variety of gymnastics equipment, we teach tumbling, beam routines, vault variations, rings and trampoline

Toddler Gym/Dance (18 months to 2 years)
This program involves parent/child interaction in a gymnastics class setting. We offer morning, evening, and Saturday classes. Children develop coordination, balance and locomotor skills as they maneuver through a gymnastics obstacle course. Children are also exposed to creative movement and rhythm, which becomes the foundation of a lifelong admiration of dance. Parents participate with the toddlers, and the children interact with other children while moving to the music. This class is a good way to spend quality time with your child.



Technique Classes
Come and learn the proper technique for both pep and cheer for high school, junior high and elementary school. Personality development and audition preparation are included in this course.



Cynthia Merrill’s offers a teacher training program for qualified high school and university students. (Elementary through high school students who express a special love for dance and the arts may apply to be a volunteer assistant in young children’s classes.) Please send in a resume of your training, education and experience in the field of dance/theater.



Private lessons are available upon request for all programs offered. Private lessons provide the student with the opportunity to learn at an accelerated pace by working one-on-one with the instructor to focus on the needs of the individual. Semi-private lessons are also available.



Our studios, theater, stage, and ballrooms are available to rent for concerts, parties, lessons, rehearsals, individual practices, and other appropriate functions. Please call studio for rental prices and availability.