Cynthia Merrill School Of Performing Arts


Classical Ballet * Pointe * Classical Variations * Ballet Exercise
Instruction is given in the fundamentals of ballet with emphasis on the development of correct alignment and placement. The underlying theme of these classes is the inherent beauty, elegance and simplicity of all classical dance. The classes follow the traditional form of barre, center work and ballet combinations. The children’s program follows the same structure as London’s Royal Academy of Dance, while the intermediate and advanced programs use the Vaganova (Soviet) style of training.

Creative Movement (Ages 2-6)
Creative Movement is an enrichment program that builds skill in dance and rhythm Physical development is acquired through body awareness exercises, coordination skills and creative dance. This program sparks the children’s imaginations by teaching them to trust their movements, and allows them to see the connection between their minds and bodies while learning to love dance and music. The two-year old child begins with the recognition of colors, shapes and rhythms and is introduced to simple movement, vocabulary and improvisation. Pre- Ballet curriculum is introduced as the child grows in concentration and maturity. Each semester, a theme from children’s literature is chosen and incorporated into the curriculum and presented as a mini-ballet at the end of the semester.

Modern Dance * Choreography * Improvisation (Teens/Adults)
Modern dance is a progressive style of dance based on the techniques of various Modern American dancers. An introduction to improvisation is given in each class along with learned combinations, rhythmic patterns, dynamics, and the creative use of space and form.

Styles of Jazz dance vary from steps that have a cool ballet base to fiery routines. Our class is a mixture of ballet, modern techniques and ethnic dances all harmonized to create a rich, exciting new form. We dance to all styles of music from the Blues to funky rock. Through the use of strong body isolations we train dancers to develop a versatility of styles.

Hip Hop dance can be described as street dance or the dance styles seen on music television shows such as MTV. Hip Hop dance is an important part of our popular culture and very popular with pre-teens and teens. Hip-Hop classes are a good way to introduce your child to the art of movement.

Tap (Ages 4 to Adult)
Our program, which fits dancers at all levels of ability, emphasizes rhythm, technique, style and choreography.

Social Dance (Ballroom Dancing for Adults)
In Ballroom Dance, students learn to Swing, Fox Trot, Rumba and Waltz. This class is great for that upcoming social event, or just for the recreation. The dances are easy to learn, and the classes are fun!

Beginning Swing (for Teens/Adults)
In beginning Swing, students learn East Coast Swing.

Intermediate Ballroom and Swing (Adults)
You’ve learned the basics, now move on to more intricate figures and more dazzling steps.

Civil War Dances
Introducing the dance styles of the American Civil War.

Latin Dance
Learn to Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Rumba, Salsa and Argentine Tango.

Come learn the fiery dance styles taking hold all over the country.

Spanish Flamenco Dance

Mexican Folklorico Dance





Irish Step Dance * Scottish Dance (4 to Adult)
Classes are taught in both soft and hard shoe styles. If you really enjoy these classes, the Celtic Dance Ensemble is a performing company open to serious dancers.

Bharatanatyam (South Indian Dance)
Bharatanatyam is the most thoroughly preserved dance of any existing classical dance form in the world. It may be described as a magnificent jewel adorning the crown of India’s Vedic Culture. Dancing was never considered as solely a form of entertainment, but was a profound yogic art, capable of transporting one to a state of spirituality. One important feature of this dance form is the fusion of acting, poetry, and hand gestures, which come together to convey a story that is sung to the accompanying music.

Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance)
This is a traditional class in Middle Eastern Dance (better known in America as belly dance). The class uses authentic music, movement, scarves and cymbals.

Flamenco (Spanish Dance)
Flamenco is the international symbol of Spain. Flamenco is the result of blending cultural influences found in Andalusia, a state in Southern Spain. Various immigrants from Europe, North Africa and the Near East all had influences on the dance style called Flamenco. Prior to the 19th century, Flamenco was performed primarily by gypsies at informal events called juergas (juerga means “spree”). Socializing with a group of friends might lead to the spontaneous eruption of song and dance all accompanied by highly rhythmic, improvisational guitar playing. At the Cynthia Merrill studio, beginning and intermediate classes are taught in this impulsive and highly energetic style of dance.

International Folk Dance
International Folk Dance teaches dances from all over the world. This is a family class in which adults and children dance together in various styles, including Swing and Cajun. We present dances from various countries: Hungary, Armenia, Canada, Bulgaria, Meredonia, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Greece and more!

Civil War Era Dances

Folklorico (Mexican Dance)